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Jims Songbooks

In 1975 the Arvon Foundation published 'The View From Wibsey Slack', a collection of dialect poems and songs about various parts of Yorkshire, all visible from the windy heights of Wibsey, south of Bradford. Many of these songs were heard on local radio, among them The Trolleybus Lament, Raining Cats and Dogs, the Pinderman of Shelf, the Buttershaw Lullaby and The King of Knurr and Spell.

These poems were a direct result of a course at the Arvon Foundation's centre at Lumb Bank, near Heptonstall, but were only published in a very limited form. In the 1990's however, aided by computer design, the book was redesigned and republished, along with two further volumes of locally flavoured songs and monologues written in the intervening years, giving a total of three songbooks, copies of which are still available from the author.

Currently 2009, there are plans afoot to republish all these songs, along with newer unpublished songs, in a single omnibus edition. Watch this space for developments!

The songbooks are made up of double sided removable A4 (broadside) sheets, enabling them to be easily employed on a music stand.


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