Lyrics - The Jolly Beggar
Lyric by John Hartley
From CD 'Always Remember Your Terrier'

I'm rich as a jew though I haven't a meg,
I'm free as a bird and I shake a loose leg, I've no house and no bairns so I never pay rent, But still I feel rich for I'm blessed with content...

I live and i'm jolly, and if it is folly,
Let others be wise but I'll follow mi bent......

My kitchen I find amon t' rocks up on t' moor,
And at neet under t'edge of a haystack I snore,
And a wide swingin' branch keeps t'cold rain off mi mop,
While I listen to t'stormcock that pipes o' the top....

I never fear thieves, for I've nowt they can tak
Unless its theease tatters that hang on mi back,
An if they prig them they'll get sucked do y' see.
For they're no use to them when they're no use to me...

Whell t' philosophers talk, and t'church parsons may preach,
And tell us true joy is far out of us reach,
But I nivver took heed o' ther cant o' ther noise,
For he's nowt to be feared on at's nowt he can loise....!