Lyrics - The Listening Tree
From CD
Everyone Here on Earth has Gone Insane!

As I walked by the listen' tree
I heard a little birdy sing,
And he said 'don't you know that it's time to go
To where lovers love the spring......"

I said my friend "you're a little too late,
'Cos springtime's long, long gone,
Now I have to roam where the wild winds moan,
Cos winter's comin' on...

He said springtime, summer, winter or fall,
It sure don't matter none....
Pain or gain, well it's all in vain,
When a good man's dead and gone ...

The Kindling's on the fire Lord,
The writings's on the wall,
When a man's snug with a whiskey jug,
Well he's got no cares at all.....

Cos it aint no use a grievin'
For things thats gone away,
You're as old as you feel and that's the deal,
And you've only got time today.........

That birdy kept on singin'
As I trudged on down the road,
And now when I see that listnin' tree,
It takes away my load.....................