Lyrics - Raining Cats and Dogs.
From the Man From Wibsey Slack

And it's raining cats and dogs, it's raining cats and dogs, All ovver the town it's chuckin' it down And it's raining cats and dogs..............................

When your brolly roman candles and your boots begin to leak, An' canoeists shoot the rapids in the middle of the street, When there's sharkfins on the pavement, Or a whirlpool by a drain, You know you're up in Yorksher where it's allus bahn to rain.....

Twas in the town of Halifax, on a mornin' late in May, I looked the length of Westgate through me periscope that day, I saw old Johnny Hartley on his way from Peoples Park, He'd got pig sick o' t' weather and had built himsen an ark!

So I swam up to the surface and I joined him on the deck., The stormy winds were blowin and we feared to be shipwrecked, But we tacked upon a wutherin' breeze and just within the hour, We found a stable mooring place tied up to t'Wainhouse Tower!

We floated over Sorby Bridge upon the ragin' tide, The Hebble Brook had burst it's banks and now was ten miles wide, Our boat employed at Mytholmroyd to save each worthy tyke, We sent a racin' pigeon to get help from Heckmondwike!

For forty days and forty nights we floated on the deep, Locked outside our cabin by the cows and pigs anbd sheep, We couldn't use the bathroom, we couldn't use the loo, Wi whippets cocks and ferrets it were like a flamin' zoo!

Well poor owd John were bustin' an' while lookin' for a po, He slipped upon some cowmuck an' fell in the hold below, But he still remained undaunted, uncaring of his plight, What would you do without a loo for forty days and nights?

The sun came out next mornin' an' old Johnny closed his log, I then unstrapped the water wings from me uncle Albert's dog, The waters had subsided, so homeward I did go, To find my house was buried under forty feet of snow!!

JIM JARRATT Written 22.11.73