Lyrics - Zeitgeist (Jarratt)
From CD Squashed Hedgehogs

For many years we lived apart
and went our separate ways,
but I always knew within my heart
I'd meet you one of these days......

When the grass grows on the concrete,
and the wire rusts away,
I'll remember you the way you were
when we first met yesterday....

I knew you were my neighbour,
I never saw you smile before
I never thought the day would come
when you'd open up the door.

I danced with you the whole night through
until the break of day,
and in the morn we saw a dawn
just a little less cold and grey....

Whatever the future it may bring
I'll never forget the night
when we joined in song the whole night long,
and rejoiced till the morning light

Wir Treffen hier mein bruder,
wir sind niemals allein,
suzammen hier jetzt bleiben wir
die zeitgeist und die freude ist dein.....

If prison walls are all torn down
and mankind lives as one
I'll think perhaps it started here
when a new day was begun................